• At first you were my friend
    Then I wished the time would never end
    My view of you completely changed
    My thoughts became rearranged

    Sitting at lunch, the day seemed the same
    Until I heard someone call out your name
    I looked up and saw you there
    I couldn’t help but stop and stare

    Are you staring back when I look at you?
    Are you holding back how you feel, like I do?
    If I told you, would you be too kind?
    I would stutter, blush and say, “Never mind…”

    I hope this crush doesn’t go away
    But I do want things to remain the same
    If I told you, would things change?
    If I didn’t, would I become deranged?

    My head swirls with endless possibilities
    But the chance is too good to pass up with uncertainty
    The chance of you feeling like I do now
    Is too low for me to think of why or how

    The unseen force leaves much alone
    Because things need to be solved on one’s own
    What bring people together are risks worth taking
    If I took that one little risk, would I be shaking?

    For me, flirting, which is common for others, is strange
    I knew that this disaster would bring much change
    Yet, the change will have to remain unseen
    For all I saw was you blushing along with me

    The day goes by and I’ve yet to catch a glimpse of you
    Is it possible that I am being avoided now, too?
    Would you probably talk about what happened?
    Or will we continue as it was before that accident?

    You haven’t said anything about my mistake
    The silence is something I cannot take
    But is silence better than talking about it?
    What about just forgetting it?

    I can change the future, but I don’t want the past gone
    A strong person would face what will be given, head on
    Maybe I am weak, waiting for chances, but let them pass by
    I am a mix of both, and my only question is why