• You've always been there for me
    you have never left my side.
    And you have always seen
    the way I feel inside.
    You look below the surface
    and see the real me.
    You don't look at what I've been
    but at what I can Be!

    You have always known me
    loved me for who I am.
    And your caring eyes can see
    the person that I was meant to be.
    I didn't see it from the start,
    but now I know this in my heart,
    and now I know that you see....
    The possibilities of me!

    You see me cryin'
    about how lonely I am.
    You don't look at me with pity
    but with kindness.
    I say that I am worthless
    but you say No Way!
    You say that everybody is worth somethin'
    and that means me too.
    You see your smile makes it clearer to me!


    When everybody left me on my own
    you took me into your arms and gave me a home.
    You see, no one could replace you and
    no one could erase you,
    from the special place that you
    hold in my heart!

    You have always known me,
    and your caring can see,
    cause you're the only one who sees........
    The possibilities ooooooh........of me.