• All my life i waited...
    for a miracle to happen,
    for a wish to come true,
    for the unexpected to happen
    and it did...
    when you looked me in the eye,
    when you walked into my life,
    i felt the smile you gave me
    and it made me open my heart to you.
    just tell me what did you do?
    did you cast a spell on me?
    did you do something to me?
    is this love? is this another simple crush?
    Your eyes connected with mine...a feeling brewed up in me.
    those mysterious eyes....those wonderful eyes.
    you made me feel safe with one look.
    maybe i have fallen in love
    maybe i have let cupid target me with his arrows of love.
    maybe im going crazy.
    All this happened...
    When you looked me in the eyes.