• Collar me
    Catch me
    Make me yours

    Own me
    Control me
    Make me obey

    I am Loyal
    I am Feirce
    I can be the Best
    You have to Prove
    You must Impress
    You must Conquer
    the Beast
    you wish to Collar


    Catch me
    Hold me
    Tame the Feral Beast

    Love me
    Ravish me
    Call it back once more

    Tell me the secrets no one else shall hear
    Share with me your Story
    and let it Live once more

    Secrets and Lies
    Buttons and Ties
    Bonds, that no one
    can see

    Hold me close to you
    yet push me Away
    and cause the Grief
    that much more Torment

    But to Leave
    to watch You go
    to see you Pack
    and tell me

    To be left Alone
    in an Empty space
    where once We lay
    completely at Peace

    would Wound me
    and cause Unendurable
    that would last
    a Lifetime
    and Never go Away

    Now watch the Bird
    Fly from its Nest
    And watch the Fox
    Crawl from its Den

    To see the World
    Go by without You

    I Will Wait


    I was Cought
    I was Collared
    I have been Tamed

    Waiting at the Doorstep
    of our old home
    I wait for You to return

    Eons have past since You left
    And no one has known where You went

    Ask the Neighbor
    They don't know

    Ask the Policemen
    They don't know

    Ask the Dog-catcher
    They don't know

    Ask the Pound Keeper
    They don't know

    And ask the Little Girl
    Who looked through The Cage
    and saw a Poor beast

    Torn Apart

    Angry from Greif

    in Lonelyness

    Yet still hoping
    still Waiting
    still Yours
    still Kind
    still Gentle
    still THERE

    Who stuck in her Hand
    through the Cold steel Bars
    to Pet the Creature
    that needed the Kindness

    So here I am
    still Waiting for You
    but maybe
    just Maybe
    with my Home now
    I won't keep Waiting forever

    Cpyright Elizabeth B.