• I am somone who is always spreading laughter.
    Someone who cheers up all her friends.
    I always have a smile on my face.
    To hide the pain that's within.

    I pretend like nothing is wrong,
    So no one can see the pain that has been there all along.
    I cry all night, I cry all day.
    I just wish the hurt would go away.

    Everyone thinks that I am fine,
    But they don't know that it's been this way the whole time.
    I am the only one who knows how good I can pretend.
    Why can't my life ever amend?

    A single tear flows from my eyes.
    How can anyone see through all these lies.
    My life is a disaster, a nightmare.
    When will I ever feel the love that lingers in the nice,warm air?

    All this pain that burns inside,
    Is now apart of my miserable life.
    I wish there was someone else that I could be,
    Because no one sees the real me...