• Life Slips Through
    Words echo in our heads,
    prayer and thoughts around.
    We sit and cry in our beds .
    We are lost not found.

    So much worry
    not letting up.
    We are so sorry
    we won't give up.

    It is so hard to just sit still
    waiting for the doctors news.
    All we have is our own will.
    We all have much to lose.

    We huddle together in a room
    speaking about the good times.
    We feel a great dread loom
    when we think about our crimes.

    Will they be forgot
    when we finally die?
    We all did a lot
    we think as we all cry.

    We put away our thoughts
    There is much more to worry about
    Will she live though what she caught
    We don't want to have the doubt

    Looking at her fragile body,
    we see her life is gone.
    Something wished upon nobody.
    It is like a sad song

    A hard decision lies ahead.
    No brain activity is left.
    We have nowhere to rest our head
    as she takes her final breath

    As her life ends
    we move on.
    The time we spent
    has been long.

    We leave the dreary hospital
    with heads hung low.
    It was the last time we saw her
    before her final show.

    She had been growing tired.
    Her body just gave in.
    She did not wish to be wired.
    Is that considered a sin.

    She will no longer see me graduate
    or be there when I start my career.
    I will no longer see her smiling face.
    It is what I had always feared.

    I lie alone in my bed,
    wondering where it all went.
    I pull the quilt to my head,
    taking in the scent.

    The familiar smell fills me up
    and I begin to cry
    I feel alone as emotions spread
    and I wonder why.

    Why do I hold my emotions in?
    Do I not want people to see
    how vulnerable I can become?
    Is it only me?

    We had talked to her the day before
    If we only knew
    The day after she would be gone
    as her life slips through.