• -:_Still Burning_:-

    I’m threw with you
    I’m sick of holding on to you
    All it ever does is hurt me
    You never held on to me
    It was a one way thing
    So I’m sick of it
    So I’m throwing you away
    Cause all you ever do is hurt me
    And all the things you do
    You never really loved me
    So goodbye
    Its time to end this
    Since you cant i will
    I won’t let you get your fill
    Tear me away from here
    No longer will i fear
    Losing you
    Cause i felt it before
    Long lost feelings
    Is all i felt before
    Now there gone
    And the feelings
    I once had for you
    Have walked out the door
    I won’t let this kill me
    Like i did before
    I’m just going to walk away
    And leave what i thought of you
    As ash on the floor
    Still burning