• "Have we been forgotten?"
    That's all that's left to think
    I let the sun inside my mind
    My heart is growing weak
    So hot yet unforgiving
    It cannot feel our pain
    As everybody pleads for it to stop
    And for once give us rain
    The year is 2099
    Few dare to go outside
    To let the sun shine on you
    Is simply suicide
    The sun has taken hold of
    The atmospheric reins
    The horse called Earth is a dead-beat
    Lagging in its stride
    What happened to our dignity?
    What happened to our pride?
    I look to mum and father
    Looking to them for hope
    But all that they can give me
    Is recyled air and coke
    That's all that we can eat now
    That's all that's left to drink
    Can someone close those freaking blinds
    Can someone help me please?
    We're all sitting here, stranded,
    Inside our little homes
    While "Mr. Sun" is shining bright
    Melting our garden gnomes
    The men in black check homes each day
    Counting up the dead
    The deaths are mainly suicide
    Since we've all lost our heads
    And so clasp my hands and pray
    I doubt He hears my cries
    We're pretty sure He's waiting
    For us to up and die
    That's all that's left to ponder
    That's all that's left to think
    I've opened up these cursed blinds
    To let my lifespan shrink