• Hurt is the forsaken feeling we feel

    Deep inside us whenever we meet

    Barely keeping our emotions in check

    We do something stupid, something crazy

    Something to get each others attention

    For we are human, to have any other

    We must make ourselves known

    And that's why I'm afraid, when around you

    Those butterflies n** inside, feeling like I should vomit

    Instead of talking, I fade beneath you

    Cannot talk my lips too sealed

    Can never deserve something I love

    I need you, but I never feel like I'm worth s**t

    When time draws end and fate sealed shut

    You will be with another and I will be watching

    Stalking not far from behind

    Cause I'm not worth value

    I cannot put myself in shoes that would change that

    To you, your better off

    To me, I wouldn't go on

    And what lesson did this world teach me?

    That love is fickle and oh so shallow

    Drinking it deep, the common truths of reality

    That I should know a haunting lesson, remaining scathed forever

    That sometimes the things you love, you will never have

    Better off or not

    But love it you will, in your mind's eye

    That unattainable one, you will never have