• When Christmas comes near,
    I dread this every year.
    I shed some tears.

    I cry because I lost you,
    even if you knew.
    I still must say, I love you, too.

    Now since your in the ground,
    I must keep keep in bounds,
    from the reasoning for that sound.

    A crashing boom,
    That ends with doom.
    Now, I'm in my room.

    I cry,
    I die.

    In that room,
    It ended in a big boom,
    And same, it ended with doom.

    I killed myself so I could be with you,
    Now I'm going to regret it just like you too.

    When, I Killed myself that was a dream
    but, you were still creamed.

    By that car is what it was.
    Now, we make a big fuss.

    And we are so sad.
    To bad it had to end.

    It ended with you.