• I'm falling
    Falling in a bottomless hole
    Never any light or a place to grab hold of

    Always praying
    Praying for someone to hear me,
    Someone to try and help me

    But no one does
    And I fall to a darker place
    Sometimes I wonder if I'm dead

    But then I hear my heart beat
    Sometimes I wish it to stop
    So I don't hear it calling

    Calling for someone
    Someone to hear it
    Someone to take care of it

    But now I know that its not my heart
    Its me that wants someone
    Anyone that will just care

    Thats when it happened
    I heard someone call my name,
    I saw someone look at me

    He looked at me with kind and carring eyes
    Eyes that says are you ok?
    Eyes that don't judge me

    He brought light into the endless hole
    At first it hurt and then it just blinded me
    Then I felt something grab me and stopped my falling

    Thats when I knew I wasn't alone anymore
    When I got my sight back; I looked up and saw those eyes
    But there is something different about them now

    Something at makes them warmer, more hopeful
    Everytime I look into them I feel more warmer
    I feel hope, warmer, and I think loved?

    Everytime I look into he's eyes
    Everytime I look at him
    And everytime he looks at me

    I feel it
    I feel the happiness when we are together
    I feel the sorrow of sadness when he or I leave

    I feel the love that he and I have for each other
    And it scares me
    I know he feels the same way I do

    But I can't say it
    I can't say I love you
    Even though I want too

    But when he holds my hand
    I feel strength
    He gives me strength

    I think now is the perfect time
    Time to tell him
    Tell I love him

    Tell him he is my Sun
    My air, and my ground
    And I don't care that he doesn't feel the same way

    He is my life
    If he likes it or not
    I love him