• Grand there sadness seems
    See it gleam behind shattered eyes
    Battered hearts taking more blows
    As if the feeling shall never die
    Peeling apart foundations of the mind
    Slashing away as if it wore blind
    Bashing away at their worn insides
    Born threw lies
    Dies when they’re kind
    But still some remains
    Hidden in the faint pain
    Forgotten but not slain
    Plain fear keeps it alive
    It waits to hear your screams
    Lurking within those freighting dreams
    It’s a biting dog at your feat
    A song with a bad beat
    The person watching you with fleeting eyes
    That friend that left with no good bye
    What a feeling
    What a wonder
    What could this emotion be?
    One answer
    One horror
    Long live the one named sorrow