• As I fall into this pit
    An e-pit-o-me of watercolor dreams,
    Fading, losing color-
    I see a reflection in the cesspool of this Love.
    Broken, narrow, nonlinear lines
    Formulate a river-
    Gouged into my Red Chamber
    After all, *broken stars never fall
    Far from broken dreams. *
    The word tastes bitter upon my tongue.
    Its caustic form corrodes as I swallow.
    Yet, I reminisce-
    However painful yet delightful.
    I sieze the Golden and the Ashen.
    The red River spreads like a wild Fire
    You are a million miles away
    and right here.
    Memories cascade behind my eyes-
    I move languidly amongst them,
    pausing here and there.
    Why cause myself such sweet torment?
    Because once-
    I believed you to be the ONE.
    I was certain Cupid had made our match.
    And here I am today holding onto a broken arrow,
    trying to pull the splinters out from within.
    I am lorn;
    Drowning myself in the e-pity-of-me.