• Stories on the breeze are told,
    Whisp’ring softly, plots unfold.

    Listen to your heart’s content,
    While gentle words help troubles vent.

    And as you watch the sun’s last glow,
    You’ll find the story’s one you know.

    Think back to the story’s start,
    Just go up a chapter in your book at heart.

    Now a day in September new,
    You meet these people close to you.

    Even if the miles ‘tween,
    Aren’t few, you’re in our dreams.

    The breeze lets out a placid sigh,
    As drops of memory wet your eye.

    Close your eyes and get fair sleep,
    And know in my thoughts, it’s you I’ll keep.

    Waves lie flat on tired seas,
    As night kisses this chapter of our story on the breeze.

    ~ Jeanette Schramm

    Copyright 2008

    ** I would like to dedicate this poem to and in memory of J.C. Lawrence; a man who loved many and was loved by many and showed courage and strength to the very end.

    We miss you. **