• she walks among the people
    not noticing that they dont see her
    for she knows why
    she accepts it
    if only she had been faster,
    this wouldnt have happened
    she knows that
    she refuses to go
    only her friends can see her
    they dont want her to go
    but they know that she has to
    she hugs each twice
    and tells them that,
    she will wiat for them untill their time comes.
    and then, she gose
    fades out of sight
    two years go by,
    then another two,
    then another,
    it was time,
    she faded into veiw
    once again
    only her freinds can see her
    she huged them
    and when the girl next to her said her good byes
    they faided out of sight,
    with tears in their eyes
    standing between their freinds
    the coffin.

    Oniko Black