• you think its a state of mind,
    you think its an illusion,
    while you know deep inside
    its 'cause your not use to fusion.

    we base our thoughts
    off of the people we trust,
    till we become so "hip"
    we begin to rust.

    we forget the forgotten
    with excuses like yours,
    then we ourselves
    and we walk on all fours.

    so tell me wether my opinion
    is right or wrong,
    why I'm singing this song,
    and how you people get along.

    how did we get here,
    from point A to B?
    you say you dont need glasses,
    but then why cant you see,
    what right in front of your face,
    how you've completely lost your pace,
    and now since you've already lost hope,
    you just lost your faith.

    aren't there any better then yours?
    while night crawls in and people lock their doors,
    and now it hits you,
    that you never came,
    to be
    who you thought you were,
    what people said you were,
    and now you see that one candle can change,
    even if it is just a small flickering flame,
    you hold it high,
    and the dark rolls back,
    at the fear that you just picked up the slack.

    as you listen to songs,
    you like when it seems that they're
    singing to you,
    more then they're singing to me,
    cause you think its your situation,
    its your complications,
    and your fixations,
    but you know
    you can change,
    and the difference from me to you is not just
    a couple of words
    or even a page,
    were a chapter a part if not some more,
    you have your windows locked,
    and i keep an open door.

    so that ends my saying,
    i hope this helped just a little,
    so decrypt this message, its not a very hard riddle.