• we try to justify our actions
    but truly who are we
    we hide behind fake smiles
    when all we can do is cry inside
    these feelings of remorse and regret
    welling up inside
    we ask, why do we feel this way
    is it for what we did or did not do
    or another variable entirely
    what of our lives
    compared to lives of thousands
    we seem so miniscule
    though I smile and horridly joke
    I've seen the pain of others
    no matter how they try to mask it
    I've felt the pain of others
    for without compassion
    we are all imperfect
    and we use this as an excuse
    but the reason we feel guilt
    is because we know subconsciously it's wrong
    we know it's not an excuse
    if a man can become a leading power in the world
    but come from a revolting ghetto
    what is to say we can achieve the impossible
    if we do then the possible becomes simple
    So I may not know who you are
    But I surely know who I'm gonna be