• “I really hope that I don’t hurt you”
    Well guess what you basterd?
    You already did
    “I’m heartbroken and miserable,”
    Yeah well so am I
    And it’s your ******** fault

    For you,
    My wall came down
    I let you see
    A lot of the real me
    The instant those words were said
    Instead of being rebuilt
    It crumbled down instead

    But not for you

    I really like you
    And yes, I adore you
    You’re sweet and funny
    Cute and sensitive
    Why I act the way I do

    I admitted
    That I get timid
    I’ll never
    Make that mistake

    I don’t love many
    But get to know me
    And you’ll see
    I love harder and fiercer
    Than many people
    In this world
    Why I act the way I do

    Me letting go of you
    Isn’t something you can demand
    And expect to happen instantly
    Why I act the way I do

    My heart and head
    Are well aware
    That it’s over
    My head is being practical
    Saying “it’s ok, you’ll find another,”


    My heart is screaming
    “Screw it all
    I want it back!”
    Why I act the way I do

    Well aware of your confusion
    Trying to let you take your time
    But still pouncing on every chance
    That might bring us to a future romance

    My heart it foolish
    Trying to tem
    You out of your ways
    Gives me advice I want to heed
    I try to ignore it
    But I don’t always succeed

    So, don’t get mad
    If I act foolish
    And let my heart take control

    I want to, need to tell you this
    But at the same time
    I yelling at myself for it

    Now you see a part of my soul
    Not all of it, no
    But a large piece nonetheless
    Will you love it
    Accept it?
    Or will you reject it?
    And let me know
    That in building my wall
    I was correct?