• There is a light beyond the sea
    A beautiful ray of peace and light
    It entrances the eyes and flutters my heart
    The boat and I are set apart
    As I jump into the sea

    I must know what lies beyond the sea
    I swim with all my might
    The sky, once blue, changes to black
    The wind and waves start their attack
    I will be swallowed by the sea

    I near the light beyond the sea
    The wrath of the sea cannot stop my advance
    I reach the light and the splendor is astounding
    The light is a person and my heart starts pounding
    My hand reaches for the light of the sea

    I tremble as I reach for the light of the sea
    The being moves their hand towards mine
    They meet, but the touch is still and even
    It is like glass, I don’t know what to believe in
    My gaze meets that of the light of the sea

    I look into the eyes of the light of the sea
    They are strong, firm, and compassionate
    They are radiant and shine like the heavens above
    I study the face and my spirit lifts like a dove
    I am the light of the sea

    We can all be a light of the sea
    Just surpass your fears and look into the mirror
    See the person you’ve always longed to be
    And realize that you are that being, a light beyond the sea
    You are radiant, you are a dove
    You are strong, firm, a light from above

    - Leanne L.