• im stupid cuz i hurt you a sorry is not enough but im really really really sorry for what ive done because this Love means alot to me

    i know was wrong for thearting you the way i did and if i could do it all over again ill never threat you that way i apolgize for the pain that i cause and i just want to say sorry when i think of you i realize just how mutch you really mean to me a secong chance is all what i need to change the wrong and make it right a fool i was to let you slip away when i know i need you in my life

    Im sorry so so sorry for treating you. and i know every time i treated you unkind you still gave your best to me ill do anything to get back in to your life make love to you and i will do it again im down on my knees im really reallly really sorry for threating you the way i did....and i hope you forgive me

    to: xNo_MoRe_SeCoNd_ChAnCeSx

    Missing you Sheruken_rainbow