• I'm staring at the empty space

    imagining a world without you

    Time demands all things to come

    to an end, but why like this?

    You were steadfast, among the Greats.

    A big gig-of-bites among

    minuscule mechanical devices.

    We traveled far across

    foreign fields and distant lands.

    You were

    a shadow onthe run

    You were

    an eternal song

    Our destinies were mapped,

    though the course not always clear-

    We battled til the very end

    or watched our comrades

    with excitement and fear.

    With my magic hands

    and your electrical force

    We rocked the universe

    and set it asunder-

    You were the vessel

    You were the sword

    You were the conduit

    for every achievement ever earned

    But now I sit here

    s t a r i n g

    r e m e m b e r i n g

    w a i t i n g

    l o n g i n g

    For I know you shall return,

    It is only a matter of time.

    I must learn to face this reality now

    with naught but the wires and

    my mind.