• Im sorry for the mistake i made
    im sorry that u feel betrayed nd played
    Im sorry for how quickly i departed
    im sorry i left u broken hearted

    I cant believe i did it i broke ur heart
    whats more i cant believe were now apart
    u mended my heart in my time of need
    but u must have planted a seed

    for ive gone and sadly moved on
    i hear your essence inside a song
    you call me stupid and also a fool
    u cuss me out cause i used u like a tool

    i love her now more than i did u
    that doesnt mean my love wasnt true
    u are sumone i want not someone i need
    but u are the key and my spirit has been freed

    i miss u i miss u i really really do
    there are just sum days i wish i cud have kissed u
    there's sumthin with u i wanted to share
    just to show u that i really did care

    u've probably moved on and so have i
    but i think of u everyday i cant lie
    please will u talk to me again
    i still wanna be ur friend