• Grandma, Why did you have to leave,
    Why did it have to be you,
    I don’t understand, grandma,

    You left me here to suffer,
    Your up in heaven now,
    I really don’t understand,

    You left two and a half years ago,
    It’s been hard,
    But I don’t understand,

    Why did it have to be you, grandma,
    I don’t want you suffering with cancer,
    But I don’t understand,

    Did God take you away to punish me,
    Grandma, Why did you have to get breast cancer,
    I just don’t understand, grandma,

    I am still here suffering from depression,
    Since you passed away, I can’t work on the scrapbook,
    I don’t understand,

    Two and a half years ago I said good-bye,
    But I wish I didn’t have to say it,
    You died on February 24,2006,

    You left me behind to suffer in depression,
    You were my best friend and a great grandma,
    You were there for me every day,

    Now your gone,
    I really miss you,
    And I still don’t understand, grandma,

    It’s time to go,
    So, good-bye, grandma,
    Now go back to heaven and sleep.
    -By biggrin eEtta Leetch