• A baby is born, all breath held captive by the lungs of the world,
    Awaiting the moment the baby says his first word.
    He inhales oxygen, preparing to speak until he has spoken enough.
    Something's wrong, his eyes water, his mouth opens wide, and out comes a cough.

    Standing in the room, I can feel the cough travel,
    Like a defective cloud, already starting to unravel,
    Before it does, I breathe in the foul substance, and immediately it seems,
    I was first to be infected with the baby-born disease.

    Baby-born? No, that can't be possible,
    This infected air hangs over us like the fog before death, virtually unstoppable,
    But to say virtually, now that's just silly,
    It IS unstoppable; it's within our realms of reality.

    I can feel the hole in the ozone up high,
    I can feel the hands of pollutants making it wide,
    I can feel it like the sunburnt sections on my arm,
    Due to UVA and UVB rays that used to mean no harm.
    But the rays didn't start the war; we fired first at their lair,
    Armed with slick cars and tall factories spitting out poison into the air.
    The rusted exhaust pipes and smokestacks are our combat guns,
    The chain ripping of motorcycles are our war drums.

    But it seems that some are unwilling
    To acknowledge the trouble we are brewing,
    You don't need the sight a blind man craves
    To realize that we are preparing to dig our own graves.
    Some fly around in a private jet,
    Public transport isn’t good enough for them yet,
    Some of us are too naïve to bother to fret,
    Some are too stubborn to have the notion set.
    Now I just have to walk a couple miles
    To my friend's house and exchange some smiles,
    But instead of getting off my a**,
    I'm going to waste a couple pints of gas,
    And spread some carbon monoxide into the air,
    Just obliterate some more ozone without a damn care,
    Let some kids breath it in, give them a few coughs to hack,
    Just to go two miles there and two miles back.

    If cleaning up the world was as easy to do
    As cleaning out your closet, would you
    Keep it sparkling clean for us,
    Like the majestic sapphire and emerald gem this planet once was?

    And no, you are not alone in this world
    I exist to speak and spread the word,
    That if we don't realize the situation
    And sanitize this insitution
    That we call our home,
    In which we exist in and roam.

    Where the night sky boasts a billion stars,
    Before it was covered up with an opaque blanket born from the pollution from cars.
    Where the oceans are painted blue by God's hand and sparkles,
    Before we dumped poorly treated toxic sewage into the sea floors' ancient wrinkles.
    Where cities are alive and so rich they glowed safe and sound,
    Before war took those cities and burned them to the ground.

    If we can't take care of the only place we call home
    Then we don't deserve this gift that God has crafted alone.
    If we won't appreciate it, then burn it all down,
    Burn it all down to the ******** ground.
    Let me burn with it, for my own sake,
    Just so God can examine my ashes and realize this big mistake.

    And a new-born baby coughs in the distance....