• When I play on my Xbox live,
    theres always noobs on my team that make me mad,
    but there swarming like in a bee hive,
    but on the other team theres pros which make me sad,
    so this is when I go on a spree,
    Im kill with joy no sorr-eeey,
    When I kill every one with my needler,
    Im like but than I get weaker,
    xXAssasinKillXx takes are teams flag,
    soon the game starts to lag,
    Those guys with gravity hammers,
    they start yelling and my mic starts to shatter,
    soon after those noobs start to kill me from behind,
    but i really i did`nt mind,
    The new game starts AND ITS ******** APITAPH,
    and soon after they felt my wrath,
    and thats those are the noobs who have -3 points and 13 deaths,
    and guess what I left.