• I'm not sure where it's going to take me
    The drive I am making will decimate me,
    Reaching out the only way I know how,
    Indirect messages are creeping out now
    Everywhere you look they seep out of the spout,
    Dripping down the drain, raising their doubts,
    To find all the answers that make us all shout,
    One thing on the brain, which one of these routes?
    Kindly can you tell me?
    It's o k to be me?
    Living life in secrecy?
    Lift me up from my knees,
    Made of pure indecency,
    Yet it still bleeds and bleeds,
    Slitting away psychology,
    Enough is enough,
    Life existed without me,
    Fading memories start to kill, grabbing hold, painfully.