• 11/9-15/06 – Heaven and Hell, Revived and Destroyed

    A perfect utopia of dreams,
    A flourishing land of happiness,
    A brightened land of prosperity and joy.

    A darkened place for the desolate,
    An evil place of perdition,
    A fiery place of heated passion,
    A punishing place of submission.

    These two places,
    So hidden from open view,
    Are sought by many,
    And rejected by many more.

    Slipped from view,
    The utopia has,
    And the same for the unholy grounds,
    Disappeared into the void of infinity,
    The subconscious mind,
    Only to be called forth,
    When not requested but needed none the less,
    To enforce and reinforce the lessons,
    Too benign and bright to be shone in their true light,
    In brilliant robes and gowns,
    Singing a chorus of joyous creation.

    Or darkness yet,
    In deepened shades of black and red,
    The colors of unholy strength,
    And the philosophy of hate and loathing,
    Braying and screeching a chorus of pain and suffering.

    But both represent an eternal necessity,
    A base difference that balances the universe,
    A pair of forces that preside of all,
    And hold the life of all in their palms.

    Think about this,
    At one point or another,
    Do we all with a fervor,
    On this unending debate of supremacy,
    And all too much for our good.