• Faster and faster, as wind breaks by,
    I tilt my head up,
    And look at the sky.

    I imagine your face,
    Beauty and grace,
    Takes me away,
    To a special place.

    A place of happiness,
    Glee and no regret.
    I start to feel,
    There is no threat.

    I know that i love you,
    In so many ways.
    I will love you forever,
    Forever and always.

    I open my eyes,
    Realize your not there.
    My body starts to tremble,
    Tremble with fear.

    I breathe in slowly,
    Think of you once more.
    I then feel my heart,
    Blank and tore.

    I realized I lost you,
    Years ago,
    But i still have this feeling,
    I can not let go.

    I grab at nothing.
    Not wind, just pain.
    I sink to the ground,
    I can not stay sane.

    I need you here,
    By my side.
    You said you would be here,
    Along for the ride.

    I can not hold any longer,
    I need your kiss and your touch.
    I realize i miss you,
    I miss you too much.

    I love you, I love you,
    I just wont let go.
    Tell me you love me,
    Tell me its so.

    I feel the wind,
    Kiss me on the cheek.
    I kneel there,
    There is no shriek.

    I realize its familiar,
    From the one I love.
    I see that your still here,
    Just waiting above.

    As wind breaks bye,
    I know your looking at me.
    I realize your here,
    I am filled with glee.

    I kiss the wind,
    I feel a tender touch.
    I miss you baby,
    Much to much.

    You are here,
    Kissing me,
    You give me this new soul
    I can now set free.

    I let go of the pain.
    I once had
    I will love you forever,
    Because that's all we have.