• intoxicated memories, dripping of mistakes.
    words screaming accident, whispering the truth on my disbelieving ears.
    behind the blame of wasted sobriety,
    yesterdays bottle rings clear of today's broken trust.
    I know what's there without my own presence.
    a few seconds of sincerity,
    until your desires shot down innocent thoughts.
    the ones you heard your mind murmur in precious seconds of faithfulness.
    her temptation submerged you.
    your sense of 'together forever',
    missing; on loan to a poison.
    And I recall these painful memories,
    just like needles in the vein
    shooting a slow lethal injection.
    I have no hope but to wonder,
    my poison is no such liquid, but the injection
    and my acute sensibility to ever learn...
    to forgive and trust...
    a person taken in the temptation of another
    when it's the person who I love.