• I never wanted to let you go.
    I tried so, so hard,
    But you know that, right?
    The time I spent with you is always there,
    Yet these memories with you, of you,
    They’re fading.
    I can only find you in my dreams.
    Though, dreams only last a limited time,
    The only time I sleep.
    The only way I may ever see you again,
    Now I rest in this Eternal sleep,
    To see you everyday;
    All the time to stay with you
    Although, sometimes I even wonder what your really doing,
    Up there;
    In the real world.
    I even think about going back,
    But going back is a risk.
    A risk of maybe not ever seeing you again.
    A risk I may not be able to take.
    If I take this risk,
    I may find you sleeping right next to me, worrying about me
    Like always.
    I may also find that I am just alone, so cold and alone.
    I don’t know what to choose.
    I’m so afraid of the world.
    Please give me something to believe in.
    Something to hope for,
    Because I’m dying.
    My soul is dying.
    Please save me from my life,
    Please set me free!
    You know that I truly love you…