• Even though your in my dreams,
    I still can’t feel your touch.
    When we hold hands,
    You feel like a ghost.
    like your not even there.
    I wish I was next to you,
    Your warm body.
    To let you hold me close.
    I still want the real you,
    But going back is a risk;
    A risk that I don’t know if I want to take.
    Even if you are there,
    It doesn’t mean I will get to stay with you.
    My Mom and Dad won’t let me stay with you,
    So what’s the point.
    What’s the point on going back if I can’t stay with you forever.
    That’s all I want,
    Is to stay with you forever.
    Nothing was suppose to tear us apart,
    So what am I suppose to do now.
    All I can think of is,