• I saw you crying,
    I asked what's wrong,
    you showed me your wrists,
    they were all bloody and cut,
    I looked at the knife that lay down beside you,
    You started screaming,
    and crying even harder,
    you thought life wasnt treating you right,
    I told you life isnt fare and you dont always get what you want,
    you didnt listen,
    you ignored me,
    i tried to help,
    it wasnt working,
    I held you tightly in my arms,
    as you were quietly shaking,
    i whispered to you its going to be ok,
    you shook your head no,
    I said yes,
    it will,
    I am here by your side,
    I am here by your side till' the end,
    I will fight for you,
    and I will protect you,
    but most of all your a friend,
    and friends arent left there to die.