• Sleeping and flying
    Soaring through the air
    Seeing you below makes me so sad
    Wanting to pull you up to play
    You smile when you see me and start talking
    Your parents come out and ask you what your saying
    You say its me and they tell you to go inside
    You say good-bye and they follow you in
    I come the next day but you runaway
    I come after you but you only cry
    I try to console you
    Make you feel better
    Tell you everything is okies
    To tell me everything
    Im your best friend and always will be
    Only two words come out of your mouth
    “your dead”
    you start sobbing again
    I tell you im not
    You tell me yes I am
    You describe my wings and the golden circle above my head
    I tell you one day we will meet again
    I tell you ill never be dead as long as im here
    I point to your heart and float back up