• What everyone sees is always pretty.
    The picture
    A mom and a dad happily married,
    Two daughters and a dog.
    It looks like the perfect family.
    The picture is always pretty.

    No one sees what’s really happening.
    The father constantly yelling over the stupidest things
    The mother taking it all, trying to stay for the kids.
    Said kids are sick of the fighting,
    Wishing their father would leave their lives.
    But the picture is always pretty.

    The mother’s ready to leave, ready for divorce
    They don’t know when he’ll finally snap
    And they’ll all be dead before they can escape from their living hell
    The kids are frustrated
    The mom is upset
    The father remains in control, in power.
    But the picture is always pretty.

    The mother and daughters live in fear of the father.
    Other days they just don’t care believing, “if he does kill us it will finally be over”
    The house is full of hate along with lies of claimed love
    The mother and daughters want to die
    The father, if not physically, he is verbally cruel
    The mother and daughters wish it would all end
    The father won’t let it.
    But still, the picture is always pretty.