• Who I really am?
    “Nobody knows who I really am
    I’ve never felt this empty before
    And if I ever need someone to com along
    Whose gonna comfort me and keep me strong.”
    ~Bleach 1st ending

    Is it you who keeps me strong
    Do you think you know me?
    No for I am hidden to the eyes of this world
    But not the eyes of heaven

    Do you really need to know who I am?
    Can’t you see I want to hide this one?
    This one is my true self-hides out of shame
    She fears what friends shall think of her

    Will you help her return,
    Or will you help her hide?
    I know you’d rather hide her because you do not know her
    By why would you Hide someone so sweet

    Help her understand that I’m afraid
    Of what I may become in this mask
    There’s nothing to keep me here anymore
    Give her the confidence she needs to come back.

    You needn’t worry anymore
    I’ve brought her back
    She is hidden no more
    She is here once again

    I told you, you don’t like her do you?
    She’s so quiet, and sad
    This is me this is who I am
    Quiet and totally different from the mask

    That shell ruined my rep
    I liked being independent and secluded
    But then I got friends, great friends
    To give me confidence and strength

    My friends I love you all
    But it is time I return to my desolation
    You’re all my friends still
    If you accept my true self

    I really hope I can be myself someday
    Without the laughter from my peers
    Without them mocking
    And taking advantage of me.