• I trust the words that I see
    I learn my lines and say them right
    Because life is just a play and the world is my stage
    I don't show my real feelings because I have to act to survive
    They can't see that I am afraid
    They must think that I am brave and strong
    Because the person that is really me
    I don't know if I even know who it is

    I will trust this voice that I show to everyone else
    But the voice that is really mine
    It has never seen the world before

    So what if i'm tired
    So what if this voice is running low
    So what if my throat feels so hoarse
    And my heart aches so
    I don't wanna get hurt no more
    So this part of me I'll keep to myself I can't let it be known
    Or i'll just cry more
    We can't be ourselves
    Even if the world is ours

    I will learn my lines and say them right
    Because that's really all I can do
    In this world nothing is what it seems
    I can only trust this voice...
    Thats not truly mine