• yeah they say love dont cost a
    thing but wedding ceremony
    and a diamond ring now i
    understand the term things
    aint what it
    seem cuz it seem everything
    was peaches and cream
    now im sittin here thinkin with
    a head full of steam was it really
    a relationship or al just a dream?
    was it really a marriage or all
    just a skeam? the whole time we
    together thought that we
    was a team im trying to use the force
    but my name aint old beat
    i guess i was shaq and she was cold
    beat but just like him
    sooner or later you gone see that
    you will never find nobody better
    than me cuz im 1 in atrillion swag on
    a billion i tell you i aint
    suppose to be worth more than a
    million thought i was
    cocky now my head touching the ceiling
    but even before the money
    girls saw me as a trillion
    but i astore
    them all for you sexual
    feelings wasnt as strong as what i had
    with you everything was
    cool i wasnt blinded by the fame but you
    took it on your own to
    play games im talkin now in this
    s**t im not even ashamed so
    to talk about what you did would
    be insane call the border parrol
    it shall not be named and it seem you
    just causing me alot of pain and
    strain on the brain and i see that you
    cant be tamed and all
    the money and the fame im still broken
    hearted and its all on you
    girl look what you started!