• crying Life goes on as expected only to be hurt again. The sleepless nights I've laid awake and the tears I've cried into my pillow. I scream your name at the top of my lungs. You turn to see what it was, but turn back and walk farther away thinking it was only the wind. As you walk down that narrow path out of my heart, I wonder if you ever wanted to actually be there. You were the happiness in my life, and now you've taken that along with my heart. So as I lie here lifeless and think about the times we shared, the warmth you've brought I realize that you are the only one I could've ever loved. Thinking back on the moments like lying in that field looking at the sky almost falling asleep in your arms. Or sitting in the hot tub that one cold winter night looking at the stars and I shivered only to feel your arms hold me closer. The day we walked out of the house hand in hand to the end of the driveway and you pushing me in that swing as the hushed rush of the creek ran by. The afternoon spent in the park climbing that old tree me laying against a branch perfectly comfortable and you lowered yourself to where I was but held yourself above me that moment we stared into each others eyes then the unexpected kiss that warmed my heart. Wrestling in that field me trying to get away only wanting you to hold me tighter so I can't escape. Us walking side by side holding each other by the waist our converse in harmony are syncronized with each stride. But you didn't realize that those normal moments that you thought were nothing meant the world to me. That even though we had arguments we got through them. And the biggest one of them all separated us. You can't honestly tell me that your sorry because it won't mean anything to me. A sorry doesn't fix a heart that's shattered into a million pieces. Now its your job to put those pieces that you hold in your hands back together. But will you take the time to sit down and experience my hurts and pains while you fix it or will you leave it an unfinished puzzle.

    With all of this I realized that happiness is surely a myth