• Ambitious tensions arise,
    crowding the display
    of our arrogant focus.
    We wish not to wait,
    for we are only waiting on something worth waiting for.

    Secret temptations drive our hunger.
    Diluted consciences fuel our hatred.
    Empty hearts flood our pity and sorrow.
    And yet some still wonder why the good die young.

    We commit pretentious crimes
    for the sake of humanly pleasure
    and still get scolded for being our own.
    So let us not ask of the pursuit of our downfall;
    instead, let us fight it.
    Separated, we fall like flies,
    but together we can impale our own hatred.

    We do not wish for the death of our own,
    only the death of that which consumes us.
    After such heroism,
    Many would question our own subtle yielding;
    I only ponder at how long it took.

    We need only to follow our own truths,
    be our own leaders, and help those who need help.
    Together, we will destroy our own consumption.