• I see him
    Just sitting there
    I want to walk up to him

    And tell him its going to be okay
    But I just watch and wait
    Wait for the time to say the three little words

    When will I get the courage to
    Go up and ask him
    Ask him if he was okay

    Because I know he as said goodbye
    Goodbye to a girl that didn't love him
    But I just stay there watching, tring to find courage

    Then one day he wasn't in his usual spot
    So I went to go look for him
    And I found him looking too

    He was looking
    Where I always stand to watch him
    Then he turned around like he knew I was there

    When he saw me, he smiled
    Then started to walk over to me
    When he was about five feet away he stopped

    I looked at him but quickly looked away
    He just stared at me
    He took another step to me

    But I backed away at the sametime
    He just stared at me
    Tring to find the words

    But before he even started to speak
    I ran, scared of what he might say or might do
    But when I looked back to see him one last time

    He was running after me
    I was confused but kept running
    And after a while I got tired

    I slowed down
    Then finally stopped at my favorite tree
    And turned to look at him walk up to me

    I saw a little confusion in his eyes
    But that soon was gone
    I couldn't hold the stare he was giving me

    So I quickly look at a couple walking down the street
    Then heard a sigh and felt someone turning me around
    When I was facing him, I didn't know what to do

    So I waited to get yelled at
    But that wasn't what I heard
    'Will you go out with me?' he said tring to hold my eyes

    I just stood there shocked
    All I could do was shack my head 'yes'
    Then he hugged me for along time

    Then he let go and lifted head
    So he could see into my eyes
    Then he said 'I love you, I always have and always will'

    I just stared at him not believeing what he just told me
    Then he sighed and started to lean down
    Whe he was just inches from my lips he said 'Its true'

    And he kissed me for along time
    When he let go, I looked in his eyes
    And I saw the thruth and said ' I love you too'