• Prisoner in Paradise

    why oh why
    can't I get you out of my mind
    I'm going crazy
    You make me shiver in this endless night

    back in the middle of nowhere
    I can't seem to break you're spell
    A cruel curse you have placed on me
    I grow rabid in this delusion
    turning to fate's hand
    I expect a minor embrace

    Infected with haste
    I crawl into this prison
    awaiting my savior
    To escape from you're mean spiral
    To be killed of my hesitation

    A beast in the forest
    Running free of chains
    You've bound me alive
    and broken my restraint

    I can't resist this urge
    Don't blame me
    You tempted me with that smirk
    Closing in
    The prey becomes the beast
    I feel my claws wrap around you
    I lose my sight of you

    I feel your heat
    You breathes become short and ragged
    I hear your cold shivers
    your pushing me away
    desperately you fight

    I loosen my grip and I see you fall
    Your eyes filled with shock
    Then relief
    Then your mouth turns into a smug smirk
    You bind me in my own hell
    I dig my claws into my skin
    trying to endure this torture

    I can't escape
    I can't break free
    You twist me between your fingers
    You control me
    I'm a prisoner
    A prisoner in paradise