• We all live through life, and try through death;
    We try religion; we try to get in a breath
    Waiting for our meanings to be unfurled,
    Just as we wait in the wavering world.

    Misunderstandings like drug and crime,
    We never can seem to get to our prime.
    Living life; we taunt in the face of dread,
    This wavering world, where we become dead.

    Christianity, Communism, opposites to the end
    Of life as we know it, and making the bend
    Trying to hold on, pleading for forgiveness,
    A wavering world, where we cannot forget this.

    We cannot win; we cannot overcome,
    The times of depression that are yet to come.
    Alone, there is no chance; no hope
    But in this wavering world, there is a rope.

    The rope of life, held onto by the righteous;
    The pit of death, containing the lifeless.
    To the light, we swing and let our hands unlock
    And past the wavering world, we proudly walk.