• A lump in my throat, a fire in my chest,
    It's only with you that I can feel my best,
    No matter what I may have felt,
    I talk to you, and my heart melts.
    The fire in my heart burns bright,
    For you my love, are my light,
    Shining brighter than the stars,
    And no matter how I think of it, you never seem that far.
    My days were forever dark,
    Always tearing at my heart and mind as a shark,
    Then you came, bearing light,
    Saving me from my endless plight,
    I stand above the rest, beyond human,
    With this fire blazing in my heart, i can never be beaten.
    Your words give me the strength to change the world I know,
    And will allow me to bestow,
    A time of joy,
    I as your envoy,
    The one to lead you,
    The one to show you to,
    A time of love,
    Where we will be the gods above.