• Im sorry for what I am,
    Im so sorry for what I am,
    Im sorry for all the blood spilt,
    Im sorry for all you've felt.
    I never meant to hurt or upset you,
    Please don't think me untrue,
    I would die for you,
    There was never a limit to what I'd do.
    From your eyes to your smile, to the way you braid your hair,
    Im left in a stupor, and all I can do is stare.
    My heart melts,
    Never is this the way I've felt,
    Pure joy radiates,
    And now it melts the hate,
    The pain and sorrow are quickly leaving, I find that im no longer seething.
    Im sorry I don't see,
    Just why you actually love me,
    I fight, I cry, and I hate all life,
    No matter what you say, Im the one to cause the strife.
    But you make me so happy and complete,
    Never have I seen you admit defeat, You always no what to say,
    To brighten up my day.