• See her walking down the hallway?
    People say she's God's design.
    See her shallow sense of passion?
    And they still think she's "oh so fine".

    She's just another clone of them.
    She's just another casted spell.
    She's just another hated person.
    She's just another empty shell.

    You see him in every magazine.
    But no one really knows him.
    He's slimy with no sense of morals.
    He's living a no-meaning hymn.

    He's just another clone of them.
    He's just another casted spell.
    He's just another hated person.
    He's just another empty shell.

    She's the one who they call "fatty".
    He's the one who they call "gay".
    No one loves them for their body.
    And they know that it's all okay.

    They're the ones with love and compassion.
    They're the ones who aren't the fool.
    They're not another empty shell.
    And that's truly the sight of being cool.