• I'm not the strongest girl in the world,
    But I'm not weak.
    And even though I shout and cry when my heart its at its highest peak,
    I fall and rise up again unlike many who seen me off my feet.

    Even though my heart pounds like a warrior,
    And my soul is fragile like a child.
    I still have a strong mind,
    Who helps pick up the pieces left behind.

    One mistake follows another,
    But sometimes it helps people live with each other.
    No one is perfect and even though perfection is a dream,
    No other person will show you the world I've let you seen.

    He's my illusive lover,
    In the strands of my DNA.
    He's the person I run to when the storm won't go away.

    His arms are my haven and his heart is my lullaby,
    Have you cried when someone tells you there is no word called 'Goodbye'?
    He forced me to believe that weakness is fine,
    And fragility won't let the world automatically make me lose time.

    Even though he is sometimes so hard to read and get,
    He is the reason that life is as good as it gets.

    Even though I've cried just from seeing his face,
    Even though I've cried just from his embrace.
    Why do I feel so strong?
    The heart of the warrior never seems to lessen its pound for too long.

    What else is there to say?
    That he is the only person who understood my reasoning of my nightly pray.

    That boy, right there engraved in my soul, kept me warm from the everlasting cold.
    Just from a touch,
    Just from a word.

    How can this possibly be possible?
    How can someone make you weak and strong and not know the answer?