• You lead me astray
    You played with my heart
    I cannot remember
    The last time that
    I fell this far apart
    I surrendered myself
    To a demonic angel
    Who drank till dead
    And was nimble
    This fragile thread
    Thrust through the thimble
    Is why I lay dead
    I broke like a string
    My fears got ahold of me
    You toyed with emotions
    You messed with my head
    Oh, demonic angel
    Lie down on my bed
    Sleep forever in my hell
    Don't leave me alone
    To suffer this home

    I can't breath without you
    You keep me alive
    I couldn't do it without you
    Standing right by my side
    Demonic angel, please stay
    Love me forever
    In a demonic way
    Live with my air in your lungs
    Do not surrender
    We're too far gone
    In this hole we call home
    Don't leave me alone.