• Words Of Undying Love
    by: Karen AKA Loner

    The dark abyss in my heart
    Eaten away by honest words
    Each syllable brings me deeper
    The true words of undying love.

    The days I wonder alone
    An ugly ducklin left to watch in dismay
    Beautiful butterflies flutter away
    Leaving me in my own world.

    Fantasizing of the real world
    Wanting to see my true color
    Not of the others
    Black is such a bore color on me.

    The others are set free to fly
    While I stay and watch
    They love and I wallow in envy
    Loneliness is my only comfort.

    Whispers of warmth and happiness
    Longing for those words
    Longing for someone to hold
    When will I hear my words of undying love?