• Elementary kids can be so mean.
    When I was in Elementary everyone could see me comming apart at the seems.
    They use to be crule and make jokes.
    Only if they knew the feeling of his strikes and strokes.

    Middle school was no better.
    In the 6th grade I use to sit by myself in the shade and shutter.
    I hated all the looks
    because I preferred to be by myself and read books.

    In the 7th grade I made friends with the outcasts.
    All I could think was that someone was here to understand me at last.
    But I never told them what happened. All they knew was that I didn't see my father anymore
    and not to touch me too much because I'm always so sore.

    The 8th grade sucked.
    I felt like I was going to go nuts.
    I had to keep so many secrete from people.
    It was really quite simple.
    No one ever looked close,
    so they didn't see all the bruises I use to show.

    I didn't last that long in the 9th grade
    because of all my pain.
    I was always so quiet because of it.
    Most my teachers sent
    me to the principle.
    But I never said a word, not even a peep.
    All I knew was all the pain I kept very deep.
    No one seen my sorrow.
    No one knew what was happening to me.
    I think it was because no one relaized or didn't want to see,
    that someone could be so crule to an adolecent, that always beats me....