• Am I this so called "walking paradox"

    Which has no true meaning or existence?

    I do have the freedom, yet also the control.

    I have the want for revolution and rebellion, yet also the want of absolution.

    The want to crawl in a little ball and hide, yet the want to strike and kill.

    I feel the need to help everyone, and yet only care for myself.

    No, this doesn't make me a paradox.

    This makes me more powerful than anyone else.

    Because I have the ability to save others and myself without consequence.

    Without worry.

    Without giving up what I am.

    I am not the Walking Paradox

    I am the Walking Infinity.

    I am the Guarding Killer.

    I am the Ultimate Weapon of this world and the next.

    I am the reason, for some who live, that those some want to die

    Yet, for most I am the reason for their being.

    I am what makes them who they are, yet without me they still exist.

    They still stand to be.

    They make their own choices without my interference.

    So the question isn't what am I?

    But who am I and what is my reason for being?

    If I am not a walking paradox, then what am I?

    Or better yet, What Can I Become?